Peter Zeedijk, amateur photographer from Vaassen, the Netherlands.
Started photography around 2007/2008.
Self thought with help from his father and the internet and/or simple experimenting.
Through the years the focus shifted from only nature and holiday-candids to Urban exploration, city/street photography and closeup/macro nature photography.
There has always been a love for black and white.

In the earlier years analog photography proved to be a good learning curve for composition and the simple use  and feel of holding a camera without all the nifty features a digital SLR holds.

Started of with a Panasonic Lumix fz-28 hybrid. After the purchase of a Nikon D90, an Olympus E-P1 and the analogue Nikon F100 , F3 and Olympus OM-1 the addiction was complete. Manual focus m42 and Nikkor/F-mount glass were added to the collection, even a dedicated Nikon film-scanner. A lot of analogue bodies passed through the collection. But....

...present day the gear settled, no more analogue and a switch from Nikon to Sony. Olympus stayed.

Current gear:
Sony A7R
Olympus Pen-F
Various AF glass, mostly primes
Some dedicated MF glass.
Windows PC
Adobe Photoshop CC
Capture One Pro 12
Some sw filters

Photo's presented on this site are copyrighted © Peter Zeedijk.
Do not use without my written permission.
Contact me through this site or at
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